State Criminal Appeals

My practice specializes in Louisiana criminal appeals. When you appeal your case, I am often looking to correct serious injustices and mistakes that were made at trial.

Unlike a trial, a Louisiana appeal does not decide whether you are guilty or innocent – it decides whether there were legal errors in your case that led to you receiving an unfair trial. A Louisiana appeal has an entirely different procedure and set of deadlines than a trial does. It is critical that you consult with an experienced louisiana appeals attorney right away to make sure you do not miss the required deadlines and to make sure that you preserve all of your rights on an appeal.

When you hire a Louisiana criminal appeals attorney, it is important to know what skills to look for. A Louisiana appeal takes place almost entirely on paper in written submissions to the appellate court. These written submissions, called appellate briefs, focus on complex legal arguments about the fairness of a trial. This is much different than a trial itself where there is live testimony, cross examination, and the submission of evidence. So you want an appeals attorney who is particularly skilled at high-level legal thinking, research, and writing.

Though no outcome is ever guaranteed, I’ve had success getting my clients relief on appeal and post-trial. Researching and writing a hard-hitting, persuasive brief has often been the difference maker.

Hire Experienced Louisiana Appellate Lawyers to Handle Your Appeal

If you have questions regarding a potential mishandling of the law, legal errors or mistakes made by counsel, or other concerns regarding a prior ruling on your case, it is important to act quickly before filing deadlines lapse.