I’m happy to report that we recently won a motion to correct an illegal sentence and got our client Bobby Q. out on parole! We cut Bobby’s sentence in half, saving him from an additional 5 years in prison.

Bobby had been given illegal sentences from both Jefferson and Orleans Parish. The courts had tried to say that he was not eligible for parole and would have to serve a 10-year flat sentence for a minor drug charge. However, this was not true or correct under Louisiana law.

Bobby had a feeling that this was not right. With the help of his parents, he hired us to look into things for him to see if we could help. Sure enough, we found that his sentence prohibiting him from being parole eligible was illegal under recently-changed Louisiana law. We then filed and WON our motion to correct illegal sentence with the district court – Bobby then became eligible for parole.

However, our work for Bobby was not done. We then had to correspond with the department of corrections and the parole board to get his new sentence recognized and to place him on the parole docket. Next, I had to prepare with Bobby for his parole hearing.

At the parole board hearing, Bobby was nervous but also open and honest. He had put in the work required to be released early, he just needed to show them he was serious. I closed the hearing with a summary of my thoughts about why I thought Bobby was ready to come home. The parole board agreed with us and unanimously granted Bobby’s parole!

I’m so happy for Bobby and his family as they start this next chapter in their life. If you need help correcting an illegal sentence and/or getting your parole granted, give us a call at 504-577-2500 or write us a note to see if we can help.

-Sam Winston